Hearthling ownership: mark an area, not just a bed


Seeing the desirability brush tool… how about having a tool for marking an area to be owned by a hearthling? I don’t mean, that others would not be allowed to pass through there… I want my hearthling to be able to recognize and appreciate that he has a whole house! Like an entrance hall, a reading area and a bedroom! A hearthling could then have a desirability score for their home, which could constantly impact their mood. Like, if I had a nice place I knew I am going to return to at the end of the day, I would be looking forward to it! The same goes for marking a room in a dorm.

And this is pretty advanced stuff, but an owned area could become a “less desirable path” for other hearthlings. So… no more trespassing through your backyard and out your front door! Other hearthlings would choose this path only if there was no other option.


I certainly like the idea!

And I think making it a less desirable path is the easiest of the whole system.


Oh, haha :smile:

Really, I doubt that.
Some kind of ownership system is already in place, for the beds.
As a bare-bones system you can put the bed-ownership functionality on a simple ownership zone. which is not different from a stockpile or farm.
Of course it needs more than that, but I think that would basically work.

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For what i know is their route modifible with a single line of code.


But aside from that i would not know how to code a zone into the game.

Oh, I thought you meant that the rest was difficult to do, since you mentioned the relative ease with which that bit can be done.

It doesn’t get better than a single line of code, though. So you are right.

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