Hearthling has no actions and isn't physically here (SOLVED)

Summary: basically i click on focus camera on him and it wont focus the camera on him he isn’t even in the town! only in the menu it’s like if he died but he didn’t also i did try to restart my game it didn’t work

What happend before i realized he isn’t here anymore:
so here idk but here is what happend before he dissapeared

  1. ratlhey and the guy where teaching him bone carving
  2. and then the guild guys came in
  3. after that i see that he isn’t here in the town or the map…



Version Number and Mods in use:
i use ACE
Primitive armory
settlement decor
Beam hearthling stats Customization
Kingdom:Evles ACE compatible
Shut up and Eat
autoharvest mod
ACE armors
Ballista turret
Fisher job
Miner Profession
Extra Map options
System Information:
Using windows 10
16 gb of ram

In the hearthling list does it say not in town or something similar

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just saying but doesnt that ratly quest take your guy away for a few days to teach him stuff? and he then comes back? (if you have the quest browser on the debug tools on, you can probably see if the quest is still running)

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Have you read the dialog of the quest or just tried to skip it all? Because it clearly asks for a mason guy and he is sent away to learn stuff and come back later