Having issue just starting the game

Loading up the game works fine initially, and I can get into the actual world itself. However every time I start, and by that I mean just getting my banner placed, the game freezes then crashes. I haven’t a clue why, my PC can certainly handle this game. Any ideas why this might be happening? My drivers are updated, I already checked those.

Perhaps it has something to do with the game directory? Are you running it with Steam or standalone?
I had a bunch of problems come up until I deleted it off steam and re-downloaded it.

Other than that, it could be anything. What setup are you running? The game might just not like your GPU or something.

Which version of the game are you running, and what are your PC’s specs (esp Windows, CPU, RAM, and graphics card)? We’ve had quite a few problems with Vista & Radeon cards not having the most recent drivers (AMD’s auto-update software doesn’t like picking the latest drivers).

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I’m running Alpha 5 right now. As for my PC specs, and mind you I know this isn’t a gaming computer, but it ought to be able to run it:

Windows 8
AMD A8-4555M APU
AMD Radeon HD 7600G Graphics card

As far as the game is concerned, I am using the standalone. I couldn’t figure out how to get it working on Steam. Not exactly computer savvy, just trying to set it up for my son ^^"

Hmm, nothing jumping out as a big issue… RAM could be higher I guess but it’s not the end of the world, and CPU seems okay too. It’s possible your graphics drivers are out of date though: assuming you’re running Windows 8.1 64-bit, this page has your latest Radeon drivers:


You should be running display drivers v14.301.1001 & Catalyst Software Suite v14.9.

Regarding Steam, your Humble Bundle page should give you the option of getting a Steam key from it. If you can get it, you then enter it into Steam by going into the Games menu at the top and then selecting “Activate a product on Steam”.

The Humble Bundle thing should look the lines of this:


Note that as per the pic, you may have to link your Steam account to your Humble Bundle one beforehand. Humble Bundle have a tutorial on how to do so if you haven’t already:


Hope that helps :slight_smile: .


That fixed the issue through and through, he’s playing the game and absolutely loving it. And I don’t hate it myself :smiley: Thanks!


I can’t even start because a starting error, please someone tell me how to fix this, please. I play the game for 1 day, than I come back next day and now I have a starting error please fix it or help me. I pay $25 on it, help please.

Welcome to the Discourse, @Donovan_Smith_Hernan :smile:

The starting error means that you can’t start the game?
Or that you get an error when you load your saved game?

If you have an error message inside the game, and it has a button called “Copy to Clipboard” you might click on it and paste it here so we know which error it is.