Has unluac stopped working recently?

Just a quick question.

I dusted off my work folder trashed the old files and imported the latest files.
unzipped the smod files and ran unluac.

no dice. Has there been any changes lately that are likely to have broken unluac?
The error I am getting is:
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.IllegalStateException: the input field does not have the signature of a valid Lua file.

It maybe that it has been so long that I am just doing it wrong.

Any light that could be shed would be much appreciated.

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There are not compiled anymore. They have been minified, but that is partly undone.
So the set-up is certainly changed

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Oh, ok.
So what tools are you guys using to reformat the minified files?
And I would guess the variable names are all shot too

Ah I have seen the other topic where this is discussed.
stand by … processing … processing


I dont know what tools to use for a proper set-up.

I can’t seem to find anything straight forward on the un-minifying front.

Seems to be generally viewed as a precursor to stealing someones code and so there appears to be little ready made well documented utilities around.

I was hoping to have a go at adding Draugr as a test but I had a look through the minified code as it stands and things like goblin_thief.luac in the scenarios is pretty much unreadable. So, I think I will be knocking the modding on the head for now.

@honestabelink posted an un-minifier in another thread:

May be worth a look…?

I have tried it. I just get a black window for 20seconds then close.
Nothing changes in the target luac file.