Happy Thanksgiving!

to all the folks who celebrate this festive turkey gobbling occasion, i wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! :smile:

have a safe day folks! :+1:


Happy Thanksgiving! :smile:

I don’t celebrate this holiday!!!

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Neither do I!

Happy thanksgiving to our American cohort!


(And more words for discourse)

Well, to you guys…I don’t know what this holiday is about at all but have fun anyway :slight_smile:

its about eating copious amounts of food, then relaxing in front of the idiot box, and watching copious amounts of Seinfeld reruns… :+1:


So thats the reason Americans are fat…

What Is Seinfield?

Isn’t it particular that after Halloween, many people start caring about Christmas, but not many people care about Thanksgiving.

well, you see… the truth of the matter is… ok, i’ve got nothing here

one of the funniest sitcoms ever to grace the sitcom stage…

Although we up in here in Canada had our Thanksgiving last month, my family celebrates both because you can never have too much turkey (although you might feel differently about this after the meal), or be too thankful. :smiley:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Here is a Youtube Video

Here is the Wikipedia Page

Today I learned that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving.

I also learned that it is a month before the US.

You did that deliberately right? To celebrate both, and Christmas. You guys must love turkey!


Darn right we did, we’re a craft folk. :wink:


Please don’t stereotype us. Sure there are many fat people Americans, but most of us are not fat.

Happy Thanksgiving @SteveAdamo

This year I would like to say I’m thankful for all the awesome new cohorts I have around the world thanks to Stonehearth.

(and mashed potatoes)


I love the way you managed to quote @SteveAdamo for saying that even though it was originally @Newf :wink:

Whoops! I’m gonna change that. :blush:

Sorry, Steve. Please don’t hurt me.

its ok… it might not have been intentional…

ive actually seen the discourse do that from time to time… swap out other folks in a thread when quoting… i’ve been meaning to log that in the meta area… :smile:

here in germany we don´t celebrate it - buttttttt HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU :grin:

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