Gold count doesn't update during trades

Summary: The gold count doesn’t update while trading with the random traders that come to town. Both selling and buying don’t update the gold count.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for trader to come to town to offer goods for sale.
  2. Buy or sell items.
  3. Player gold count doesn’t update until the next trader comes to town.

Expected Results: The gold count updated fine before Alpha 15 was released.

Actual Results: Without the gold count updating, you have to wait until the next trader comes to town.



Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 15, no mods

System Information:

Is this happening in a newly created game in A15 or in an old save game from a14? I’m unable to get it to happen in an old save on my end …

It’s happening in a new game in A15.

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Does this issue persist through save/load?
If so, please upload the save so I can take a look. Thank you!

This sound like the villager delay also @jomaxro. could be that everything is delayed by a day till next trade and villager delay is having the same problem


Yes, it is persistent through saves/loads. Here’s the save: (6.1 MB)

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Quick question, are you paused during the trade? If so, the gold count doesn’t update until you resume play.

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I think you figured out where the bug lies. It does indeed update when play is at normal or fast speed but not when paused. This is new behavior with A15 though since I’ve almost always paused during trading (to make sure I don’t miss something happening in the background or miss the trader’s window of availability because I usually play on fast forward).

Thanks for all the info! Good catch with the pause issue.
Fixed in next unstable release


Yep. I can confirm that this bug is resolved in dev 2865. Thanks.