Geomancer Always Idle

I have Surface Terrain qued but my Geomancer will not place them, she will constantly idle or sit by the firepit. I have tried canceling and replacing them but she continues to do nothing. What should I do?

Does she have Job enabled in the Citizens panel? That’s strange that she can’t place them. :thinking:
Can’t reproduce this in the unstable version (r909).

You have 39 citizens and the locations involved may require pathfinding calculations that fail to complete in a single AI cycle (the same reason hearthlings sometimes have trouble looting far away items and military hearthlings sometimes fail to respond to commands involving distant locations). Perhaps it could just be a performance issue?

After restarting my game a few times and replacing the Surface Terrain a couple times I ended up sort of “resetting” her and she started to place them, but every few she places she will stop again and I will have to repeat the process of replacing the blocks/restarting the game.
And to answer your question I have the building check box disabled since she will choose to build instead of placing the terrain, but job and haul are both left enabled.

Yep, I agree with this performance bug in r909.
I have 42 citizens and its happening in the same way as described: the geomancer is most of the time idle or resting, and when I order to put the blocks magickly, it takes a long time to do it. I appears that the game itself is strugling with the pathfinding calculations, as if more citizens you have, worse it will be to get a response from the game.
Maybe it shoulde be fixed in future patchs. Thx btw.

The bug may be in the crafting que for the geomancer.

I have noticed supply baskets full of the needed items, but the queue for the geomancer says that there are no items in inventory (IE: stone and clay).

For some reason deleted the top most job and requeuing the item seems to fix it until it glitches again.

Here is the screen that shows the bug.

That sounds extremely similar to an old bug which had, supposedly, been eliminated – when multiple crafters are using the same resource (e.g. carpenter using wood while blacksmith is also using wood), there used to be cases where both crafters would “claim” the same specific resource and whoever got it first would use it, while the other one would get stuck because they couldn’t find the resource they’d claimed.

Like I mentioned, the developers applied a fix to this issue; so I’m not sure how the Geomancer might be experiencing it now… but it’s definitely worth a closer look, because that kind of bug is subtle and messes with a lot of players.

And now I have it happening with my blacksmith now…