Fullscreen Bug - Flickering screen

The game loads up fine, but in fullscreen mode the screen flickers nonstop which makes it impossible to play the game or see where my cursor is! Is there a fix for this?

hey there @Ryan_N, welcome to the discourse :smile:

hmm… i havent seen this problem reported before, so i dont know a fix.

does the screen flickering happen only in fullscreen, or also in the normal mode?

Other games (not this one) I’ve experienced this with when I’ve had programs running in the background, fighting over who’s to be on top. Besides checking that, when’s the last time you updated your graphics drivers?


thanks for the welcome. it is flickering in only fullscreen mode, whereas it works as it should in normal mode

I update my graphics card everytime NVIDIA releases new drivers, currently on the latest one from the auto update software. I haven’t got any programs open in the background

What resolution are you running at? I’ll see if I can recreate this.

I have tried both with 1680x1050 and 1920x1200, as well as with and without vertical sync, msaa, and the other settings.

If it helps I am using windows 10

p.s. in normal mode high graphics and with settings maxed out work fine.

What about programs that let you run it in borderless fulscreen?

@Ryan_N, @not_owen_wilson might be interested in seeing this. Can you upload your PC specs from dxdiag?