French community

Hi everybody ,

my name is spencer and I am the administrator of the forum :

We try to represent as best we can the French gaming community of Stonehearth.

Silmarith a team member of our forum, create a library sharing Qubicle free access, you can download files directly from our website.

That is why if you want, we invite you to expand this library sharing so that we can together have access to many Qubicle file.

A tutorial is available on the French as well as much information on the game forum.

For people who are interested :

Forum :
Site :


Very nice, especially the “Library”-File and those quick guides… even if in French ;-).

I wish you good luck for the site and keep spreading the word out to the francophone part of the world.

French is my native language although I prefer to use English for my normal postings.

Very nice looking website. Keep up the good work.

Opa bien joué, je vais voir ca tout de suite :slight_smile:
And yes Ondaderthad, I agree with you. I’m not living in France anymore, and all this world is mostly in English, you are much closer to the devs and the community with english :wink:

Edit : Just saw the Qubicle cat… and wow ! Amazing !!