Finished game concept art (main screen and new game screen)

the devs were talking about the edge of the world concept art a while ago.
The map/book/atlas idea, combined with the current layout of the ui for starting a new game, sparked an idea in my mind, that could fit into the game well if the devs decide to go with the book/atlas.

Scince stonehearth is about telling stories, maybe this is how the main menu could look like:

If you choose new game, you get the screen where the summary of your game writes itself, as you specify the settings it will have. This looked a lot like a book, which fits in with the bookshelf idea. Here is what I mean:

(this image was photoshopped in paint)
from left to right: the summary text, the decorated spine and the front of the book, like this:

If you’d click on an old book, you could be presented with an table of contents, where every named manual save is an unit, and every unnamed automatic save is a subunit, allowing the player to easily navigate through their saves.

Just a few ideas I wanted to trow out.


could definitely see this becoming a thing

click a book to select your game settings and a transitional animation magically opens up the book to the current page with the art and storyboard
add page creases to the existing background that can be scaled
change the edge of the page so that the book looks thicker on one or both ends

And imagine if the game were to have a narrator that tells every event that happens. It would be awesome.