Another Idea for the Edge of The World

I saw this picture on Imgur and I was thinking “This could work in stonehearth” so why not try this as a world border?


ooh, a raised tabletop edge… quite like a commander’s strategy table or a tabletop wargame board, that could work!

It would be a great way to solve the question of underground visibility, since there wouldn’t be any – the map border forms a simple edge all the way around, clearly marking out the limits of the map when you’re digging underground.


Would the outer edge become a circle instead of a square? I don’t know why but even that sounds good about this idea.

Speak not that heretical word that begins with the letter c. :wink:


What if this is the edge of the world in multiplayer.

In singleplayer, you’d have a map, where you imagine the story in front of you. (you can see I’m in favor of the map or atlas)

In multiplayer, where you are playing with/against another player, with an raised tabletop, you can imagine using miniatures on an actual table to tell the other player what goes on in your imagination. (Does that make sense?)