Few questions about current Multiplayer build

Hi, hope some can answer some of these questions regarding the current multiplayer build.

  1. Do herbalist use health potions to heal the hearthlings of other players?
  2. Can you use other players buildings or items?
  3. Is there a way to combine the wealth?
  4. How do you play coop mp?

In Anno2070 we split tasks such as one player focused on military, one on population and one on resources/trading. Can you do this is Stonehearth?

Yes, you can do that. With the village specialization thingy (the banner you choose) you can easily make a “military” village, a trading village, a farming village, etc…

With the in-game trading system you can provide crops and food for the other villages if you’re the farming village, the military village can defend others with their soldiers, etc…

As for your questions:

  1. Yes, the small health tonics are used by the herbalist to heal people around. The larger potions have to be manually used by you, however, and have a village-wide range and effect.

  2. Although sometimes they do end up using each other’s stuff :stuck_out_tongue: … you can’t, really. However there’s an interesting suggestion: the option to build things “publicly” or maybe transfer between players. You can send some of your people to temporarily work for your friends, though!

  3. No, there isn’t. But believe me, you wouldn’t want that :stuck_out_tongue:
    You’d have several smaller settlements with wealth enough to bring attacks you really won’t be able to defend.
    If I may give you a gameplay advice: early game + high wealth is a trap :wink:

  4. Multiplayer is always co-op in the sense that you can’t battle other players (unless you use mods/console commands) so it’s always all players against the AI/attacks. But if you mean a mode where you can build the same village with your friends (like… all players controlling the same faction) that is a cool and requested idea but not yet implemented.
    If you mean getting in multiplayer at all, then just create a multiplayer game in the main menu and invite your friends through Steam interface :smiley: (shift+tab by default or use the buttons in the game’s own multiplayer menu (the sign with a creepy hearthling shadow))
    If you’re not using Steam version, there’s a guide here:
    Multiplayer without Steam?

And finally! … breathes in
I see you mention “Multiplayer Build”. If you mean the “beta branch” multiplayer on Steam - as far as I know - it is now outdated since the proper builds (stable and latest) now have multiplayer on them already. So I recommend you play latest (or stable) as using that outdated build might cause issues with mods, if you use any. Team Radiant should probably remove that beta branch soon since it is no longer useful :slight_smile:

I hope that covers your doubts! Have fun :3