Everything is Gigantic!

Ok, so after I was done fixing on how to get past the crashes of the game, now when I play, everything is gigantic compared to the place and the characters! Any idea what this is?


That is somehow ridiculously funny :laughing:


@DasDoenis Yeah, at first I thought that this was amusing, when I first played this on my friend’s computer I got berry bushes as well, then I saw here woah this is one huge bush, I wonder how much food I can get from this. as well as there were huge flowers. Then I put my base into the map and made my citizens chop the trees, you can see tiny villagers swing huge axes on trees. then when they finished chopping the trees these huge wood pieces spawned. I wouldn’t have minded the large sprites but when i thought about it, it would be kind of a pain to keep track of my resources on this.

uh oh, this shouldn’t be happening, as it was fixed during the unstable… paging @not_owen_wilson!

edit: wait, your game says develop 2924, which is an old build… so the question actually is, why hasn’t your game updated?

I am not sure maybe its has something to do with that I just upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7

I guess I should update it first huh

That is in one of the first A16 builds for unstable. Well that was fixed before exiting that branch. Glad it was, no matter how amusing that was; which wasn’t for me since I could not even see my town when that bug was about.

Wonder why windows 10 did that… Or was it just stonehearth was not updated…? Regardless it should fix itself once it does. :slight_smile:

Ok I just updated it and it works ok now again.

Now I just have to fix my league of legends now because of this windows 10 update also screwed that up!

I would love this to happen to me!! It’s sooooo funny xD Looks like the Stonehearth god has been playing with some stuff again xD