Engine error (assertion failed) after some hours playing

I bought Stonehearth yesterday and played a few hours until I got the following engine error:

    release-453 (x64)
radiant/modules/events.luac:18: assertion failed!
stack traceback:
    radiant/modules/events.luac:68: in function <radiant/modules/events.luac:65>
    [C]: in function 'assert'
    radiant/modules/events.luac:18: in function 'listen'
    ...nents/equipment_piece/equipment_piece_component.luac:65: in function '_setup_item_rendering'
    ...nents/equipment_piece/equipment_piece_component.luac:8: in function 'self'
    radiant/modules/events.luac:80: in function <radiant/modules/events.luac:78>
    [C]: in function 'xpcall'
    radiant/modules/events.luac:78: in function <radiant/modules/events.luac:70>

After save and load I got exactly the same errors again. There were around 300 errors per second. CPU usage went up to ~80% and memory usage to around 4GB within 10 seconds.
It is actually bad, because I can’t use this save file anymore. Besides that: Great work, can’t wait for multiplayer :smile:

Steps to reproduce:
It occures every time I load the save.
What I did right before that was building 2 two-people-houses from the basic template, but I don’t think that is helpful to reproduce the error.
If it helps, I can mail you my save files.

Versions and Mods:
The game is a fresh install via steam, I only added 4 blueprints I found in this forum earlier (can’t find the link to it).

System Information:
Windows 7 pro x64
AMD Phenom X2 955
ATI R9 280

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@AntiKraft - Welcome to the forum! Can you post your save game or email it to support@radiant-entertainment.com? Thanks!

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@Albert - I can’t upload files here, so I send them via email.

As I wrote in the mail, I found another save some ingame-days earier where the error is not displayed after loading.

I hope it will help you.
Fell free to ask if you need something more.

Edit: The attachment of the email is large. Maybe there will be a problem with my provider. Please inform me, if you don’t receive anything within the next minutes.

hey there @AntiKraft … if all else fails, you can always try a free fileshare option, like dropbox or filedropper:+1:


@AntiKraft - It looks like the email didn’t make it. If it’s convenient to post the file on a 3rd party host that would be great. Otherwise, we’ll hunt it down another way.

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@Albert - You can find the save files here: http://www.filedropper.com/savedgames

I played the old save a bit more and realized there must be some problem in that save too. The CPU and memory usage is a lot higher then in another world. There are more buildings/items/hearthlings in the old world, but I don’t think that would cause such a high CPU usage. Is the scalability a general problem or is that related the problem too?

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@AntiKraft - Hmm, when I download the file, it says it’s not a valid zip archive. The downloaded file size is 16,776,812.

@Albert - I re-downloaded the zip-file and compared it with the one on my disk and both file sizes are 18.873.167 Bytes. Maybe you try to download it once again or else I can upload the file to another location.

Weird. Chrome won’t download the full file, but IE did. Anyways, I have it now. Thanks!

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Yikes. This bug revealed a whole class of errors that resulted from deleting entities on load. Thanks for taking the time to report and upload the save. This will prevent a whole bunch of bug reports in the future!