Engine Error A19 - Loading Game from A18

Engine Error upon loading my A18 game into A19, with defaults for mods. Base Game. So does the RC UI in the mod menu mean that the RC mod loads that already, as that looks unchecked, but greyed out.

Anyway It is a simple upon load error. Something about rugs.json being the top line.

develop-3169 (x64)
c++ exception: invalid file path ‘/rayyas_children/data/gm/campaigns/trader/arcs/encounters/rugs_shop.json’.
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘load_json’
radiant/modules/resources.lua:33: in function ‘load_json’
…ervices/server/game_master/controllers/node_list.lua:90: in function ‘_create_node’
…ervices/server/game_master/controllers/node_list.lua:128: in function ‘_run_election’
…ervices/server/game_master/controllers/node_list.lua:46: in function ‘elect_node’
…arth/services/server/game_master/controllers/arc.lua:320: in function ‘_trigger_edge’
…ollers/encounters/wait_for_time_of_day_encounter.lua:102: in function ‘_fixup_add_tier_2_node’
…ollers/encounters/wait_for_time_of_day_encounter.lua:28: in function


Is the error I get.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Loading My A18 Save into A19
  2. Resulting Error upon Load, at least on my end.

Don’t know if this is one to ignore or not, or one to be concerned by; just figured I would put it up just in case it is something. Barely know what the error is about beyond not being able to load certain things, as noted in the error itself.

The Game itself runs fine. Just an engine error popup upon loading game. I included my save just in case, it is near the beginning, as it is one I started in A18. Also included the log for the session, which is just loading the game for the first time in A19, and exiting to desktop.
stonehearth.log (19.8 KB)
1474858695287.zip (6.1 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A19 unstable branch
System Information:
NE56R48u (Computer Model)

@Tamorr, thanks for the report. The error is occurring because the rugs shop is indeed not there! It is no longer in the encounters folder, but inside encounters\tier_1_shops. I don’t believe the bug is fatal, however, you will likely not see many of the shops that RC normally gets until this is fixed.


The error is harmless and should not affect anything in your campaign. I recently moved the shops to new folders now that there are tier 1 and tier 2 shops, and in this case it couldn’t find one of the old shops at that filepath. It goes on, ignoring that one and it then updates the list of encounters with updated file paths. I opened up your save and the shops are working just fine :slight_smile:

Btw, I like your two-story house with the door on the side.


Thanks. Love building my modular designs; although one of these days I aught to form a more readable collection… My naming scheme keeps changing with each map. ><

Ok good to know it is that minor, and thanks again for clarifying. :slight_smile:

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