Engine Error (6 of 6) Updating to Headless Horseman's Cousin

Basically loading my game made in 2797 into 2820 of A14. Engine Error (6) pops up. Probably from updating to current version caused these, or stagnate ladders they don’t want to take down. This was the game I shared that I mentioned having continous battle music on. Still there, as all you would have to do is enter combat, and it never stops.

I have a headless hearthling. Something about head number 4…

Steps to reproduce:
Don’t know how to reproduce, as it is engine errors that just popped up from updating to current version.

Expected Results:
At least having villager with heads.

Actual Results:
Someone to make the headless horseman jealous.

I am giving log and a text file with the errors.
Also note I was loading game after game till I found this particular one; which is the one I was wanting to play. Couldn’t remember the name of town at the time.

This is not a crash report, as I was able to play a little with battle music constant.

Probably will start a new game anyways. Better to see if music fails again, and to have a fresh start with the new heads; even if it is amusing to have a horseman’s cousin in that save. Oddly it was the tailor.

Just figured you would want something maybe to point out or help with compatible version issues. If this helps at all. :smiley:

Engine Error 01.txt (2.3 KB)

stonehearth.log (261.4 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A14 2820
no mods

System Information:
NE56r48u (Model Number)

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