[Dup] Workers Not Complete Walls And Workers Will Not Work

I’m not sure if this was already said in another thread, but oh well.

Playing more of the Stonehearth alpha, I noticed that my workers will sometimes not work and just stand around, as if it I haven’t told them to do something. For instance, when I wan constructing a small shack, I noticed that my workers had taken down all the scaffoldings and have build all the walls, mind the roof, except one wall, where the top has not been completed and the scaffoldings were still standing. Now, instead of finishing the wall and taking down the scaffolding, they just stood there, walking around with no rhyme or reason.

This is another bug I have been experiencing since the alpha came out in December. Sometimes the workers will not work even if I have given out a command, such as selecting a tree to cut it down or to collect berries. They will just stand around and will not bother to do anything, even if there is a million logs around the settlement that need to be picked up.

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