[Dup] Unable to deconstruct buildings

This bug started out where my Hearthlings wouldn’t finish a wall. I was able to deconstruct it and I tried rebuilding it slightly different but again they wouldn’t build wall. I then tried to deconstruct it. Then they just removed the scaffolding but afther that I could not deconstruct any buildings I previously made. I think if I make a new one I can deconstruct that.

I know there is an update for the game, but I did not receive a steam update.

User id: fd8132e0-446a-11e5-8838-003067c92bea

Here is a youtube video of the event:

I looked for similar topics but only found a door irremovable and not everything.

I’m using version: 0.10.0 Alpha_10_5 10 x64 build

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