[Dup] The Curse of the Frozen Woman [Alpha 11 develop 2494]

So, on my most recent Stonehearth save, I had my workers put up some fences around my shepherd’s pasture. All was well and good until someone got stuck.

As you can see here, Mrs. Belltower seems to have gone to place a fence - that may or may not exist (it doesn’t show up in the town inventory) and – well, I’m not too sure. I have tried reloading, changing professions, moving fences around, making new fences and placing them. Nothing works.

Now, this error message is either related to my footman standing around doing nothing (reloading fixed him) or the woman. I’m not sure which, but as you can see, poor Leona is still stuck and now hungry.

It’s now been several days and the woman is still stuck, and hungry, and is now sleeping (a couple days and she’s still alive and asleep).

Anyone else experiencing this? It’s pretty bad, because I’m now pretty much down a worker. Not sure if she’s ever going to die either… which would actually be kind of a good thing, because then I’d be able to easily get another that isn’t stuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

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