[Dup][SH 0.12.0 develop-2650 x64] Engine Error "Field Entity"

Haha, i’m reporting so many things right now :smiley:


Loading a savegame and then, these error poppep up though they don’t seems to have any negative acting on the game :smiley:


Steps to perform:

Load a game, watch error popup immediately

Expected Results:

Loading a game without getting harassed by random error ( haha xD )

Way to reproduce it:

I can provide the savegame if it’s really needed for further investigation :smiley: but because it isn’t something really bad actually, i’ll let you tell me if it’s necessary :smiley:

System Specification:

Intel i5 2500 3.30Ghz, 8 Ghz dd3 ram, GeForce gtx 580


Latest build develop-2650 x64

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