[Dup] Flying picket fences

Version: alpha 4 (latest steam branch)
How to reproduce:
Have a picket fence in a storage
Order a villager to place the fence near the storage, surrounding it.
It will be put in the ordered place, but it will appear above the ground level.
What to expect:
No error messages, only flying picket fences. If you try to place another in the same spot they will appear above the other picket fence.

The villagers tired of the opression of my tyrannical rule decided to mock my regime by wasting precious wooden resources and my time with useless wooden collums which contribute nothing to the ancient principles of aesthetics based on the divinity of STONE collums created by me, therefore I humbly ask that the Stonehearth staff erradicate all wood resources from the game. If not possible, then I ask to fix the bug in question, thank you.

This bug might be the same of the one in this thread, but I’m not so sure:

I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: [con] Hovering table – “gravity without physics” bug alluded to in dev blog?