[Dup] Black screen at night & typos

so I haven’t figured out yet what causes this yet, but at some point about 90% of my screen goes black aside from a small portion in the lower left corner. (Image Here)

sometimes this will happen within the 1st day, other times later. The farthest I have made it to about day 6 until this bug happened. if the game is saved after and then reloaded the screen is still like that.
I am running on:
Win 7 (64)
HP pavilion dv7
i5-2430M (2.40GHz 2.40GHz)
8gb ram
intel HD3000
resolution of 1600 x 900
but the issue still happens on other resolutions aswell.
I also screen caped the farming option typos “growning” instead of “growing” for Carrots, and Corn.
Hope this helps, this is my 1st time ever reporting a bug for something so im not sure if I gave enough info but there you go. love the game, cant wait for the future to finally see 1.0!
:slight_smile: thanks guys!

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