Doodad placement in cutaway mode

Summary: I’m not sure if this is intentional, as I can see doodads being placed indoors in coming releases, but there’s a certain clumsiness when placing doors and windows with cutaway mode on.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Press “V” once to enter cutaway mode.
  2. Design a building.
  3. Try to place doors and windows on a “near wall” (A wall that is closer to the camera, which at this point should be invisible).

Expected Results:

A) Doors and windows cannot be placed on a near wall. Cycling through view modes allows you to place doors anywhere with the walls completely down (clicking on the outline of the wall, wherever it is you wish to place the door). Doors and windows can be placed on any near walls with the walls up.


B) When in cutaway mode, near walls remain invisible until you bring the mouse over their base, at which point they become translucent. This allows for doodad placement anywhere along this wall segment. The wall reverts to being invisible when your mouse is no longer over it.

Actual Results:

Seems to be a mix of both of my expected results. Some walls do not allow you to place anything on them while others become translucent while your mouse hovers over them.


The near walls may only become translucent when you try to place a door.
Is cutaway mode going to be used for placing indoor items?

Versions and Mods: R122

System Information: Vista | Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz | 4GB RAM | GeForce 9600M GS