Do you actually use mixintos

Just wondering out of us modders who actually uses mixins and who just alters the base folder. I just modify the base folder as its easier than writing all the mixin stuff. What do you do?

if i was to mod and will in the future (go computer science major!) i would use minintos that why it just overrides the system and updating would be alot simpler than having to rewrite that code again and again

Yes, I do use them. You are right that it is a bit faster to do it directly in the file-structure of Stonehearth… but this will not help you if you want to share your mods with others. Also if you want to turn your mod off or if you run into some issues, it is easier if you have all your changes located in a separate folder instead of searching for your changes in the different files.

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Mixins and mixintos are more difficult, but way better. :thumbsup:

I use mixins too. For the reasons mentioned above and it is easier to keep track of the files you have changed.

ok then, so did anyone ever figure out how to use them to add new entities?

I actually took the freedom to make a eve mixin mod, back when you were working with Eve. To check if it was possible to promote her to worker (unfortunately failed).
It contains the files to add a recipe. As that is what I think you need?

Eve Mod

And as I stared at the bald headed boy in front of me the realization occurred. " Don’t try to add a file, that’s impossible", he said (I know its not but were going for a matrix spoon moment here), “instead realize the truth, that everything is controlled from within .json files, and you just need to reference in the mixin .json to the file in your mod”. And then I broke the matrix.

So who know how to use mixintos to remove something, say a carpenters recipe? or is the only option to override with everything but the one thing you want removed?

yes mixinto can only add things unfortunately.