Disabling Music for Youtube

So I released my first youtube video (StoneHearth Alpha 1 Ep1 - First look) for Alpha 1 and like my Skyrim videos it was hit with a licensing issue. So I went to search for a way to disable the in game music below are my steps.

  1. Browse to your StoneHearth base directory
  2. Browse to the mods sub folder
  3. Make a copy of stonehearth.smod
  4. Rename the copy to stonehearth.zip
  5. Rename stonehearth.smod to stonehearth.smod.bk
  6. Unzip stonehearth.zip
  7. In the containing file stonehearth/manifest.json search for music
  8. Look for the two music lines and change them to:
    “music:title_screen” : “”,
    “music:world_start” : “”,
  9. Zip the file you just unzipped and changed
  10. Rename new zip file to stonehearth.smod
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“music:overdramatic_sad_music” : “”,


Yeah, what’s the problem? I’m sure @Raj won’t sue? :wink:

If you are using Fraps you can toggle windows sound on/off under the movie settings. That way you do not have to go through the above steps.

thanks for the tips @Krovikan and @jesketimothy! while it saddens me to no end to think about shutting off @Raj’s music, i can understand the interest in wanting to know about this from a legal perspective…

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I imagine this will all be resolved once we have a resolution to this?

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Well, and with it being @Raj’s music, to make super sure, a statement from him as well would make sure it was fine. :slight_smile:

@jesketimothy I moved from Fraps to OBS so I could have greater control over my volumes and encode on the fly to reduce file size. I would highly recommend you looking at OBS for recording, I have been very happy with it. My goal of the steps was to just disable to music though and not the sounds.

Makes sense. Ill look into OBS.

I’m only kidding of course, disable away.

@Smokestacks Actually, the music now belongs to Radiant Entertainment so if Radiant says it’s okay, then it’s okay. But you won’t see me causing problems for anyone over music use. Make and let make :slight_smile: A proper credit is always appreciated but even if not, all good.

Like I said, the music is Radiant’s but if Google/YouTube is being a jerk and I can help, by all means, fire me an email and I’ll try to help sort it out.