[develop-2395 (x64)] Carpenter build stuck

Observed behavior

Crafting is finished, but the item is not placed in the storage.
An error message is displayed.

Expected behavior

Crafting is finished and item is placed in the storage.

Additional information

If the crafter is switched, the build is resumed until the next error.

Steps to reproduce

  • Promote hearthling to Carpenter and build workshop
  • Add multiple items for crafting to queue
  • Wait for items to be crafted and finished


  • Windows 7 64bit with 16GB RAM
  • Geforce GTX 970 with Driver version 350.12

May I ask you how did you create this error?

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I’ve updated the original post with the steps to reproduce.

Now with the real steps :wink:
And i’ve revalidated the game files through steam to see, whether is a problem with the game files.

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