[develop-2081] Dead hearthlings show up as blanks in Party Assignment

So, one of my hearthlings met an unfortunate goblin-related end relatively early on. I then immediately went to go investigate this Party system in order to prevent further mishaps (buddy system, guys!).

The dead hearthling was still listed in the Party assignment screen, although the name was blank and clicking the button to add them to the party did nothing but pop up a lua error (which I’m sorry to say I don’t have a screenshot of). The dead hearthling did not end up assigned to either Party 1 or Party 2, but remained an option for either.

Either dead hearthlings need to be removed from the party screen, or they need to rise from their graves to defend the village at need.


I like the way you think.


I am unable to remove dead people from an active party.
The error looks kinda the same as the error shown in this post [Con] Bug when attempting to disband party But I am not able the read the the text of that report.

Forgot to take a screenshot myself before it crashed.

Can someone reproduce?

My Bugs and there Number 5 ^^

Which build do you play? 205 (x86) - 2143 (x86 or x64) - THX!

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hmm… on second thought, that shouldn’t have been merged… (two different areas where a dead unit cant be removed)… how morbid! :smile:

but I thought for sure this had already been reported though…

resumes search

edit: I knew there was an existing report! :smile:



lol i only see lots of moved infos ^^

I’m for having them rise from their graves, but I went with “removed from the party screen” for this one. Will definitely be fixed in Alpha 9. Thanks!