[Dev Blog] Using Our Heads



Wow, Steve, I’m thoroughly shocked that it took you a full 2 hours to get to this one.

I’m even more surprised that no one else posted it before you did.

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and to top it off, I’m out of town on vacation! :wink:

as for the blog, @Ponder’s comments literally made me LOL in the hotel gym… it must be all sorts of fun to work with this group… :smile:


Oh wow. Those comments are beautiful.


He wasn’t even in the room!!! I looked around to see if a milkshake had miraculously materialized by my elbow.

Hey @sdee

You say you and the rest of the team have been busy bug smashing, are there any bugs you’ve fixed so far that are worthy of being mentioned?

@not_owen_wilson, in particular, deserves a gold medal for his bug smashing prowess. Most of these are now stuffed and mounted on his wall:

I heard Tony just fixed a really bad crash-to-desktop issue too.


I am literally laughing my ass off at all the people in the Disqus complaining that this DT was useless.

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On a side note, look at this funny conversation Tom had with someone on their AMA from over a year ago.

Remember that?

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