Destroy The Tower! REBOOT! { Forum Game }

Original game.


######Sorry @Swift_Cube. I had to do this.

For starters who don’t know, Destroy The Tower was a forum game made by the user @Swift_Cube on January 21 of 2014. It was very fun, and lot’s of people liked it. Unfortunately, it went the way of @Alfie’s Starbound Server, and it shut down permanently, mainly because he couldn’t run it because of the stress. I, however, am emotionally stronger than @Swift_Cube, for the most part, kinda, well, ummm . . . I don’t know, oh god! I don’t know who I am! AAaaAAaAaaAaAAAaAaaaAaAA!!!

######Please wait. @EpicDwarf is experiencing technical problems right now. Thank you for your patience.

OK then. Sorry about that. Those types of events usually never happen. Thankfully, I had a bottle of stuff next to me, unfortunately, those were cyanide capsules. But, nothing too bad, so let’s go on.


How Destroy the Tower is played is that two opposing sides, named Attackers and Defenders, to wage an epic war against each other. The Defending team is trying to defend their tower from the oncoming Attackers, trying to destroy the tower. Each team will be fabricating or summoning various things to either defend or destroy the tower, or to defend or destroy someone else’s, usually on the other side’s creation.


If you want to attend the game, all you have to do is write this in a post on this game.

Name: (Your Username)

Class: (Attackers or Defenders)

Then, you’ll be able to play!



  • Be friendly towards each other, but not too friendly. :rainbow:

  • Stay on topic. :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

  • Don’t pursue personal arguments within this thread. :angry:

  • Do use the PM system to report issues with members, Forum-Moderators or Local-Admins. :pencil:

  • Report or Flag people who you think are abusing the forum rules. Do not abuse it. :triangular_flag_on_post:

  • Do enjoy your time on this game! :thumbsup:


  • Only I can decide the damage and reinforcement.

     I, SteveAdamo, summon a Magikarp to demolish the tower! It does 3.1415 damage! Take that you defending dimwits!
  • No overpowered stuff. It will just not do.

     I launch a nuclear bomb of utter destruction at the archaic attackers! 
  • You can only post once per “day”. A day is after I, not the Game-Mods, total up the tower’s HP.

     I, the almighty cube shaped mass that moves swiftly, summon space zombie to annihilate the tower.
     Three Posts Later . . .
     I, the amazing cube that is faster than y'all, summon flying pigs to make the castle crumble beneath the ground.
  • To attack secondary things, just do it like this.

     I, EpicDwarf, attack Smokestacks's atomic frying pan.
  • You can heal the tower or you or other’s creations, like this.

     I, Tom Ponder, heal my the tower's walls with my magic elixir of health, created by the tears of Geoffers, the soul of Steve, the spirits of Tony and Stephanie, and the heart of our newest moderator, Relyss.

And those are the rules!


Total Players:


Attackers: (3 Players)

Defenders: (3 Players)


Total Tower HP:



Day 1


Class: Attacker

I summon an imp to pick away at the tower.


Class: Defender

I throw a stick at the imp


Class: attacker

I summon an angry boar to kill the defender when they arrive.


Class: Defender

I summon the Spirit Of A Wolf to hunt down, kill and eat the Angry Boar!


Class: Attacker

I make an army of catapults to fire at the tower


Class: Defender

I make a ward to defend against the boulders launched by the catapults.

Class: Attacker
I begin constructing golems to aid our side, but hold them in reserve for now…

I don’t think this game is going anywhere soon… as EpicDwarf appears to be banned for the next 100 years.


Yeah what happened? :hafyubafa

If you check @EpicDwarf’s profile, it says he’s banned for the next century for repeatedly breaking forum rules. Not sure of the specifics (@SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 might know, but airing dirty laundry in public is perhaps not the best thing), but there we go.

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Guess we won’t be seeing him again… Ever.

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indeed! suffice to say, he has been banned for repeatedly breaking the forum rules… obviously not the ideal solution, but there you have it…

let’s not dwell on it however… onward! :smile:


As @Dwalus was asking as well, and seeing that we’ve always wanted to be transparent with everyone so you don’t think we’re corrupt overlords, I might as well just address it here and lock this thread up.

The latest and final ban was due to content posted on @epicdwarfs “Worst Kickstarters ever” thread, which was spiteful, offensive, and NSFW.

We gave epicdwarf more than enough chances to change the way he acted, and I mean more than enough, we collectively must have messaged him on 6 or 7 occasions at least, on top of all the times we pulled him up in threads. Ultimately he was disruptive, argumentative, and seemed to always be at the centre of some sort of issue each day so the decision was made to permanently remove him from the community.

We’re all here because we want to be involved with the game and the community, and users shouldn’t have to tolerate individuals who constantly find ways to aggravate others.

If anyone has any issues with this, or wants to discuss it then please send @SteveAdamo and myself a message.