Dependency Options

I was having some mods have some conflits, like filter problems, same filter category, from 2 mods at different rows and activating at the same time.
So I searched but can’t find if I can make an option of the mod appearing only when the specifc mod is installed, example:

Imagine that the first mod add a Mage Class, the second a evolution of the same, and the last add some clothes for both of them.
If I take out the “ArchmageMod”, is there a way to only the clothes that this class uses, dissapear from “AdvancedTailorMod” crafting menu?

two ways i can think of, one is a complciated one with lua magic which i cant explain propperly.
the other would be the following:

normal recipes.json
addon recipes.json


have your mod mix a change into the addon mod’s manifest, so the addon mod mixes the addon recipes into the recipes.

that way, if the mod is not around, the items exist, but you cant make them. but if it DOES exist its manifest loads in your addon recipes into the normal recipe location.


where the squares are mod manifests, the smaller square the change to the other mods manifest, and triagls are recipe file (changes)

im not sure if i can explain better, sorry XD

Can I change the manifest.json like any other .json file?

Yes. Yes you can.