Debug Tools Bounding Box Persists

After using debug tools to view Bounding Box information on an entity, and then turning off the debug tool, the red Bounding Box lines around the entity remains visible and cannot be silenced, even with a full game reload.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play the game normally. I’d done so until organically growing my village to about 20 Hearthlings.
  2. Use debug tools to view the bounding box of a placeable entity. In my case, I used a storage crate.
  3. Close all debug tools windows.
  4. Observe red box lines remain after the debug tools Windows have been closed.

Expected Results:
Debug information is silenced when debug tools are closed.

Actual Results:
Debug information remains visible.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A15 D2860, x64
Debug Tools


You can close it with F11. You have to click F11 twice to get rid of it.


Thanks, Yang. Is that on-screen somewhere and I just missed it? (UI text is often quite small when played in Steam Big Picture mode)

It’s one of the tooltips in the tool, though it’s not quite clear. I’ll turn off the regions when closing the editor.