Darkmoor Mountains

Playing a lot of Rayya’s Children lately, I seem to have not noticed a rework of the map generation in Darkmoor Forest. I actually like the new map generation, as the long chains of mountains are cool, but it almost seems like there is too much mountain-to-forest ratio. It seems less like a forest and more like somewhere you would play Dwarf Fortress. :sweat:
If there’s any way in the current formula to slightly boost the forest and water compared to the mountains, it might make it feel more like woodlands again.


I can assure you there was a big modification between the old generation and the actual. There’s less water and more chains. Don’t hesitate to regenerate a lot of time your maps to find the best one to you.
But your suggestion is not stupid though. We can think of different “pack” like in Age Of Empires where the game gives you many map pattern such as moutains, rivers, deserts, etc. Why not including this idea :wink:

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More rivers and mountains/valleys… I love that idea.