Darker "dark" wood?

I’m not sure if this has already been suggested, but would it be possible to either darken the ‘dark’ wood (floors/slabs) to the same color as the wooden corner posts of walls, or add keep the current shade shade and add in the darker color as another option? This is clearly not a huge priority, but it would really help bring together the look of some of the custom buildings.

Here are the current two colors of wood, against stone, to show how close they are in color.

I tried to make a vertical comparison between the ‘dark’ wood and the wooden posts, but it decided to crash on me as my hearthlings were building it… and of course, I hadn’t saved, because I am SMRT.

Still, there’s enough to see the huge tonal difference between the truly dark corner posts, and the ‘dark’ wood option. I hope that helps to illustrate my suggestion :slight_smile:


yeah i think it’ll give much more options as the two tones of wood now are too similar they could add a spruce tree with dark wood

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As far as I can tell right now, the two current colors of wood are unrelated to what kind of tree they come from. I experimented with this save, and only cut down junipers, and was still able to make both colors. Having the wood color be linked to tree type would be another neat option :slight_smile:


On the Other Types of Stone thread, we starting discussing wood types, and I believe we came to the conclusion that having two tones per type of wood was okay as long as the types of wood contrasted enough.