[Con] Scroll arrows missing from workshop queue

I tend to make lots of maintain requests for my carpenter and weaver. As of 180, the scroll arrows don’t always appear when there are more than 4 items in the queue.

To reproduce:

  1. request more than 4 items from a carpenter
  2. note the arrows above the first item and right above the delete/trash
  3. close the workshop window and reopen it
  4. no arrows
  5. use the “open” sign to pause and resume the carpenter
  6. arrows reappear

This shows the arrows I am referring to. since it’s not possible to tell from the image that I have more than 4 items queued, I am not going to include the image with the arrows missing.

version 180
no mods


I have the same issue. I can confirm this bug.



Triple confirmed.

I thought it was just me.

hahahaha… :smile: :+1:


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When viewing any craftsman task list, (crafting items). You can no longer scroll down to see all the tasks, you can only scroll when you are dragging a task down or up.

Expect Result: Can use the mouse wheel or click the down arrow to scroll down to see more tasks.

Actual Result: No arrows appear and you cant scroll down.

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No, confirmed in r183.

Looks like 202 may have resolved an issue I posted on Reddit regarding workers producing twice as many items as are ordered to be maintained in the queue. I am no longer seeing this issue.

I am still seeing problems with no more scrolling arrows in the menu of items to be crafted. Kind of makes it tricky to remember what you have and haven’t already queued up.

hey there @NoPantsJim … welcome aboard! :smile:

would you mind elaborating on this issue? are you referring to the main screen that shows items you have requested to be crafted? is this for all workshops?

Yes, and yes. If I queue up a bunch of items to be maintained in stock, the arrows on the right showing the queued items will appear the very first time I open a workshop, but then are gone from then on.




yes, I believe it is… thanks! :+1:


perhaps the first steps to ingrate the mouse wheel? ^^

This bug has anoyed me since i started playing

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I’m still seeing this bug in dev2148x64. Is it just me?

@BlockHeadTimo It has always been there for me, and it’s still there on the latest branch