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Estoy creando una comunidad en español para StoneHearth, pronto estará disponible, pero si hay alguien interesado en ayudar a desarrollar la comunidad, es libre de hacerlo.

Próximamente, y seguramente coincidiendo con la apertura de la comunidad, se publicará finalmente una traducción al español del juego, cosa que parece se ha ido demorando por la comunidad que aquí comenta.

Sin nada más que añadir, muchas gracias por su interés.
Comunidad de StoneHearth

I’m creating a Spanish community for StoneHearth, will soon be available, but if anyone is interested in helping to develop the community, it is free to do so.

Coming soon, and probably coinciding with the opening of the community, was finally published a Spanish translation of the game, which seems to have been delayed by the community here he says.

With nothing more to add, thank you very much for your interest.
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Más información sobre la traducción del juego:

  • Soporte completo para tildes y demás caracteres únicos.
  • Completamente en español de España.
  • Actualizaciones con cada actualización del juego.

Una imagen del inicio del juego:

More information about the translation of the game:

  • Full support for accents and other unique characters.
  • Completely in Spanish of Spain.
  • Updates with each game update.

An image of the start of the game:

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Yay! At last a Spanish translation :heart_eyes:
I was going to ask to the volunteered translators to see their progress, since now it’s a good time to start releasing the translations. How does the font look like for ñ and accented vowels? Last time I tried it looked pretty bad :disappointed_relieved:

I remember a couple more Spanish communities out there. Blogs and the like.

Thanks for sharing! :+1:

P.S.: talking in English to keep the community civil. Although the German translators got their own language thread, here it’s encouraged to talk in English.

P.P.S.: No tengo mucho tiempo, pero sin duda le echaré un vistazo a la web :wink:


Hello, Relyss.
The truth is that I have no relationship with any other translator, but I have seen it long ago and they haven’t done nothing remarkable. Regarding our beloved Ñ, accents and other characters of our language… Very easy! As easy as editing the source of the font, at first I thought of changing the font, but it wouldn’t be an excellent translation.

My community will be a forum, and has a great domain of the SEO side. I believe that the completion of the site and the translation itself, are ready in about 7 days maximum.

And to meet the standards of your community, I just edit my first two posts.


Image of working with fonts, and the final result.

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Pues tenemos novedades, acabamos de abrir la comunidad del juego. El diseño actualmente es básico, el diseño real estará listo pronto, pero se dejará aparcado para terminar primero la traducción del juego.

Aquí tenéis más información:

Well, we have news, we just opened the StoneHearth community. The final design will be ready soon, but will be left parked for first complete translation of the game.

Here’s more information:


Probablemente mañana, se hará un directo en el canal de Perichip.

Durante este evento, se realizará un sorteo con una copia del juego. Dando a conocer un poco más nuestra comunidad.

Probably tomorrow, a direct play is performed in the Perichip’s channel.

During this event, a raffle will realise with a copy of the game. Revealing a little more our community.

Hi @Joseahfer, for some reason I totally missed your post 12 days ago; could you tell us more about how you edit the font please? (specially which softwares used)

I have the same problem with accent for the french translation so I would totally try your solution!

Hello, @Beatrice
I use the program “High-Logic FontCreator”. You can buy it, or get otherwise… the whole is that the free version doesn’t allow you then export the font.
The procedure is somewhat difficult to explain, at least in English. But if you wait a couple of days, I will release the translate and you can copy the file sources (obviously, you need to add your own characters for French).

Program: FontCreator - the most popular font editor!


little question - does this font doesnt work??? Komika Text |

or for beatrice Komika Text |


From my side I prefer to stick with the original font but I want to bold the apostrophe and the parenthesis. Then I have a problem because ingame the accented characters are stretch down to the size of a non accented character but I suppose that’s not a problem at font level, right?

Jup is an issue of the Font they only Support normal Letters none umlaute etc xD because of this i have changed it since alpha8 xD german use lots of umlaute

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@Kythandra joins the translation of the game with me.

Perichip had problems, direct of the game (with the raffle) will be held later.

Lack bit to finish the translation. Remember that the translation will be constantly updated with each new version released.



Hello all,
@Bouzas joins the translation of the game too.

Web design resumes. (:


¡Hola a todos!
Probablemente el próximo fin de semana se libere la traducción del español. A supuesto un importante esfuerzo para nosotros, y espero que la puedan disfrutar.
Una traducción realizada por:

¿Qué incluirá la traducción?

  • Soporte completo para nuestro idioma. (ÁáÉéÍíÓóÚúüÑñ¡¿)
  • Actualizaciones en cada nuevo parche.

¿Dónde se podrá descargar?

¡Saludos y gracias por su espera!

Hello all!
Probably next weekend, Spanish translation of the game will be released. It has been an important effort for us, and we hope that all people enjoy them.
A translation by:

What will include the translation?

  • Full support for our language. (ÁáÉéÍíÓóÚúüÑñ¡¿)
  • Updates on each new patch.

Where can be downloaded?

Regards and thanks for waiting!


¡Hola de nuevo!
¡Finalmente el arduo trabajo da sus frutos! Finalmente mañana, saldrá la traducción al español de la última versión del juego (Alfa 12. Develop 2630).

¡Ya hay traducción!

¿Contentos? ¡Espero que sí! Cualquier sugerencia será tomada en cuenta para la mejora de la traducción. Recordar que se podrá descargar en los siguientes sitios:

¡Ya tenemos diseño!

Espera, espera, que no hemos terminado. Nuestra comunidad finalmente saca a la luz su nuevo diseño, le queda mucho por trabajar, pero esperamos que les guste. (:


Hello again!
Finally the hard work pays off! Finally tomorrow, will release the Spanish translation of the latest version of the game (Alpha 12. Develop 2630).

Already translation!

Happy? Hope so! Any suggestions will be taken into account to improve the translation. Remember that you can download at the following locations:

We have design!

Wait, wait, we haven’t finished. Our community finally brings out its new design, needs more work, but we hope you like it. (:




Ahora a seguir adelante poco a poco!

!Hey, hola
solo vengo a decir que el link al parecer no me carga y no si soy yo o problema del link