Commands to remove Traits

Has anyone figured out a command to get rid of the sleepyhead trait? A fair few of my hearthlings have this trait, and I’m playing in ‘hard mode’ to boot, so it’s a bit frustrating.

I’ve tried remove_trait sleepyhead and remove_trait sleepy head.

Anyone have any ideas?

If you use the Debug Tools mod to inspect a hearthling, it should show you the traits including what they’re referred to in the code – you can then use that with the standard trait modifying command.

you need to use the full address of the trait, something like mod:traits:trait_name. Only vanilla traits can be used the way you tried with shortcut names. (that trait is not vanilla)

Are you referring to the AI Inspector? I can’t seem to find anything about traits there… Am I looking in the right place?

In the command console, what exactly would be typed?

Just type:
remove_trait stonehearth_ace:traits:sleepyhead



That did the trick.