Circular Transport Behaviour

Circular Transport

Workers pickup wood in one stockpile only to drop it off at another, where another worker will then bring it back.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Store wood in two stockpiles
  2. Have no other major tasks (building, etc)

Expected Results:
Wood would be left alone

Actual Results:
Eventually all workers (except the carpenter) became trapped in this behaviour

Versions and Mods:
Alpha 1


At seemingly random times, my settlers will decide that an item is not in the right place in the stockpile but they have no idea where the right place is! The settler in question will pick a block up from the stockpile, move it somewhere, drop it, pick it up again, (because he/she thinks that they can do better i’m guessing) and move it again, sometime out of the stockpile entirely! (Also, sometimes the settler(s) in question will just continue to pick up the item and drop it in the same place over and over again) this bug seems (as mentioned at the beginning) to come and go at seemingly random times, so I personally have come to call it the O.C.D. Settlers Bug

Your villagers have been afflicted with a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You should send them to the nearest mental institution or halfway house right away, or else their condition could worsen. Contact your therapist for further help.

thanks for the report @Hoochuck… I think it closely resembles this one…

thanks for the heads up @Relyss!

How many are this bug affecting, because this bug is really killing me…

I’ve never been able to play the game for more than 5 to 10 minutes, before my workers either just stand still or start moving logs around as stated above.

This is still a problem for me in the r23 release.

Have you tried simply pressing F9 when they do it?

Failing that, make a new stockpile.

Those are the two workarounds I know of thus far.

The team definitely are looking to rid themselves of this issue (stated as #1 priority in the r22 patch notes), however it’s a pathfinding issue that touches everything, so the fix’ll be a while. Trust me, I bet Tony’s more frustrated at it than anyone here. :wink:

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I may have figured out a temp fix for this problem. I had workers stuck moving resources from one stockpile to the other until I had them start working on a building project. This gave me enough time to remove the extra stockpile.

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Just got Error reports for this lol