Changing Smod Files to Zip

Hello all, nice to meet everyone!

I have a quick question about smod files. I completely understand how they are technically zip files, my problem is making that switch between the two. All other “How To” guides state you need to change .smod to .zip and than compress, however, I don’t have this ability (as pictured). I know I’m just doing something stupid but any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there @Fifty1Shades, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

It looks like Windows thinks that Notepad can open smod files - that’s not what we want! It looks like you are using Windows 10, so this should be a quick fix. At the top of the Window, switch to the View tab, then click the File Name Extensions check box. This should force .smod to appear for the files, and you can then go ahead and change them to .zip and extract.

Let me know if this works!


That was it. I knew it would be a simple fix that would just slip past me. Thanks @jomaxro!