Changing resources in recipe

I have some problems with changing the ressources of my ingredients.

For the Rayya version sometimes i have to change the recipes but when i try to insert it only by mixins they will not be changed (like true or false option for enable the models) but only added to the recipe.

For example: a table don’t need 2 wood but in the rayya version it needs 2 wood (wrong) and 2 clay bricks instead of only 2 clay bricks.

What i’m making wrong?

I’ve not worked with changing ingredients in a recipe - but a wild guess would be that you should override your own recipe, instead of mixinto to it.
Would you mind posting code relevant to your recipe? (manifest, the recipe itself, etc)

Ohh it’s difficult for now but you can find some recipes in the homesweethome mod. To show how i handle different models and recioes.

For now i haven’t a recipe of this kind. I have the problem that mixintos will only add new items and not overwrite the other ones

Maybe tomorroy i can find an example :wink:

If possible, I shall download your mod in the morning and have myself a look. Cheers!

Edit: I have not been able to have a look at this yet; hopefully, later tonight I can take a look instead :slight_smile:

Depending on what you’re trying to do, you may need an override, not a mixin(to).