Cant seem to get alpha 7 from latest build branch

Hi there, I just purchased and put in the code for steam.
I can not seem to get alpha 7 to download regardless of what I select in the beta tab on properties. It seems to always give me alpha 6…

These choices I have is opt out, and latest build minimally tested. I set it to latest build but it seems to do nothing.
Any suggestions for me?

welcome aboard @sjgold… sorry you’re unable to get the unstable build…

does your Steam client not look similar to these images?

Yes it does, I select the Latest drop down and then hit close, and then when I re-launch the game I am still on alpha 6

Did you see if Steam downloaded something? The game’s name usually gets blue and show the percentage of download. And at the bottom of the Steam window a notification appears with a download bar.

Also, there should be an option in properties (was it in the ‘updates’ tab?) which makes the game prioritize over other games, so if it has updates, it downloads before other updates of other games.

Other than that I don’t know… perhaps try restarting Steam?

yeah, either restart the client, or completely removed the existing Stonehearth folder, and let Steam reinstall it…

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A reinstall of the game seemed to have worked, something must have gotten a bit stuck. :smile:
Thanks everyone