Can't generate seed (settlement location screen)

Summary: Creating new game, can’t get past screen where you generate hearthlings and pick starting items.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click New Game
  2. Select Ascendancy, select items on next screen and hearthlings
  3. Proceed to map generating screen, get error

Expected Results:
Seed would load and I could pick where to start the game

Actual Results:
Seed never loads and engine error screen pops up.
Restarted game several times and the same thing happens each time.

Engine error.txt (843 Bytes)
Version Number and Mods in use:
0.20.0 (release 701) x64 build
Mods: better stockpiles, frostfeast, rayyas_children, settlementdecor

System Information:

Frostfeast doesn’t work with A20. You have to use the Vista compatible version A19

Ah okay. That’s a shame but glad it’s an easy fix. I’ll disable it and try again later.