Camera bug when clicking name to focus on item

I put a sign on my building and when i clicked it then clicked the writing in the bottom left of the screen to focus the camera on it the camera glitched and went under the ground. 133b7e41-beee-11e4-9a2c-00ffe37b565a

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hey there @ipodpotato … welcome aboard! :smile:

would you mind taking a screenshot of the error? feel free to upload to and we can embed the image directly in the report for you… thanks! :+1:

i got a screenshot for you, it happends as well if you click on the blacksmiths anvil and click on the name bottom left

a59a3cf2-1bf2-11e5-a0e1-20689d5b2356 in case you need it

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@ipodpotato: Thanks for reporting this bug. It is fixed in Alpha 11.

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