Camera angle and underground caves(dwarves)


With the goal of dwarves being met, It got me wondering about some of the gameplay aspects I would personally like to see.

Immediately when I saw the goal was reached, I wanted to build an epic underground cave complex, similar to the mines of Moria from lord of the rings, complete with stalagmites and stalagtites, but I am a bit curious about the camera in relation to a cave system.

Will the camera be able to pan up and see a cave ceiling? How far in/out is it going to be able to zoom(if at all)? Or are we going to be stuck (for lack of a better word) with the camera being where it is and all buildings’ walls being cutaway’d to see inside of them?


i don’t know underground areas are somewhat hard to make, but i could imagine something like in rock raiders that would be cool. maybe with some changes like with the hight of things because you want to be able to have a giant cave that you build a fort in, up against the wall of the cave or something like that.


they could go the route of removing Z layers to get down into the areas being excavated… personally, i really like the “cut-away” mode they’ve shown in the campaign video…