【Building】Mini Stormwind

This is my first building. It’s not perfect.Month of Falling is my second building.I wish you will like them.


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good work again ! :slight_smile:

:kissing_smiling_eyes: thank you so much !

Whoa… It looks amazing !

amazing really great eye for all the small details that make the city.

I haven’t seen Stormwind since burning crusade :slight_smile:

Nice work! Really well done

可不可以給我這個地圖的存檔**strong text**:張開嘴:

Mod edit: Not sure what he means, but I think he is so amazed that he wants the savefile :neutral_face:

OMG! Your City is Amazing! I love it! <3


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How did you get the water into the city gardens for the ponds? Did you make a canal and then build over the canal once the ponds were full?