Building Measurement Tools

While I was playing Stonehearth I ran into a problem, I was having a hard time coming up with good measurements while I was playing. I would have to take a minute and count each block just to make sure the blocks were even. Then I had to decide how far apart I wanted the windows so I had to count that. I then stopped, took a screen shot and came up with an idea.

What if there was a tool that assisted you when building a structure. I don’t know if it’s already scheduled or anything, but I just thought it would be helpful if it counted out the blocks for you while you build.


Great idea. If it hasn’t been considered, it definitely should be. This would speed up my building process so much.


I fully support this idea, seeing as I have OCD.


Being ocd, i fully support this idea.


We also need an actual measurement tool, not just an automatic label system. I like to have my buildings separated equal distances.

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Great idea, but um… 4+6+7=17 not 16 not even counting the windows… (Also there are 22 voxels… Sorry but it bugged me. :sweat_smile: )


@tom did mention during the latest live stream that they would probably do something like this, it’s definitely be really appreciated. I’m sure we’ll see this implemented :slight_smile:


My appology, this is why I need the tool. :wink:


yup, one of the more requested features we’ve seen here, but strangely no specific thread on the topic…

so, thanks for that! :smile:

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Hi everyone,

after finally finishing my BscWork and starting to test this fine piece of a game, there’s one thing I really miss in the game. While building houses and cities symmetry is one of the important things to get a nice looking view. As a fan of symmetry I would ask you to display the scale of a building area (floor, wall, stockpile, farm) while placing it on the map. Just add a little text like “10x15” in the middle of the zone.
Just something like that:

It’s no big deal but it would save some frustrating time sitting there and count voxels (again and again and again).
Hope there’s suggestion like that. Used the search and found nothing.


Yeah, it’s been floated around as an idea in the past, on the discourse and .net site.

I believe they are looking at implementing it

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hey there @Programmierer… welcome aboard! :smile:

this is actually one of the most requested (minor) features to be added, but surprisingly, we don’t have a separate thread devoted to it (that i could find) … and i believe @Tom commented in one of the recent blog posts that this was on the “to do” list… so, good news! :smiley: :+1:


Welcome @Programmierer!

I totally agree with you, and I’m pretty certain this will be added to the game. @tom mentioned in one of the livestreams that they would probably implement something like this to make it easier to know how big the structure is that you’re drawing.

So, yer :slight_smile: I am pretty confident we will see this (hopefully sooner rather than later :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edit: Double ninja. @froggy @Steveadamo you win this one.


Wow. That’s fast :smile:
Thanks for the answers, I’m happy to read this :smiley:

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I spend too much time on this site.


and we thank you for it… :wink:



Yo team Radiant! I’m a person who loves symmetry, and I’m sure there are plenty of the other OCD people out there who want to build the most beautifully, perfectly symmetrical kingdom in this game. But its so flippen hard (and time consuming) counting those tiny squares and trying to line everything up! So here is my suggestion: A simple Length/Width/Height display whenever you are dragging out stockpiles, farming plots, building houses and so forth. I think it is something that will greatly improve the quality of play! You guys are great!


I’m not sure if anybody else noticed it, but I sure did. If you look at the Desktop Tuesday from last tuesday(8/26) you’ll see this weird box outline when Tom puts the walls up for the building. Now I think this may be one of three things.

  • The outline represents where laters will be placed.

  • This may be an early mockup for the measurement tool, although it’s odd to include it in to the wall stage I do believe it could be it?

  • It could just show the outline of if any blocks are placed in the perimeter of the building being placed then they will be deleted.

Given it’s shape I initially wondered if it was related to the overhang from the roof (I then wondered if it was an exclusion zone, so nothing else could be built too close to the structure), but looking again that’s clearly not it. HOWEVER… it is in the right position for scaffolding: I think it is probably a 2x??? zone designed to give you a strip of land for scaffolding, and another strip of land for getting to the scaffolding.

@sdee / @Tom, and I right :slight_smile: ?

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Indeed, we want to give you a visual clue that you need space around your building for it to be built properly. :slight_smile: