Bug with picket fence causing starving hearthling (till death)

Probably related to others similar topics; this won’t happen often but one way to replicate the bug is to prepare let’s say 10 pickets, pause the game, place them and resume at max speed (not sure it the speed is involved, but…).

Eventually an Hearthling will drop the picket correctly but an iconized version of the later is generated and fall on the ground. If an Hearthling pick it up (to put it back in storage), he will freeze and then adios amigo!

Not sure if the replication of the iconized version of the item can happen with other buiding mats. More feedback it detected.

does sounding red alert (‘R’ key) “kick” him out of his frozenness?

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This reminds me of another bug from somewhere…


this one?

@Relyss, Tx!

After reading the other thread pointed by 8BitCrab, indeed the duplication isn’t really one because the iconized token do point to the picket, it’s definitively not a new one you could sell. I too met this stuff previously in different situations but what’s new is the behavior of the hearthling who pick the iconized version.

As I found this game not so long ago, I didn’t knew about the R key so I’ll try next time and report.


So, on my most recent Stonehearth save, I had my workers put up some fences around my shepherd’s pasture. All was well and good until someone got stuck.

As you can see here, Mrs. Belltower seems to have gone to place a fence - that may or may not exist (it doesn’t show up in the town inventory) and – well, I’m not too sure. I have tried reloading, changing professions, moving fences around, making new fences and placing them. Nothing works.

Now, this error message is either related to my footman standing around doing nothing (reloading fixed him) or the woman. I’m not sure which, but as you can see, poor Leona is still stuck and now hungry.

It’s now been several days and the woman is still stuck, and hungry, and is now sleeping (a couple days and she’s still alive and asleep).

Anyone else experiencing this? It’s pretty bad, because I’m now pretty much down a worker. Not sure if she’s ever going to die either… which would actually be kind of a good thing, because then I’d be able to easily get another that isn’t stuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’v just run into the exact same bug

Yes, she is going to die, sorry. You can go and kill her, otherwise it’s gonna take her few days of unproductivity to die.

[quote=“8BitCrab, post:2, topic:14617, full:true”]
does sounding red alert (‘R’ key) “kick” him out of his frozenness?
[/quote]I had the same bug, no it doesn’t. Dunno why are you guys ignoring me, I posted report about this bug with all description and code possible.

[quote=“MyCoal417, post:6, topic:14617”]
Anyone else experiencing this?
[/quote]yup, have you tried removing ALL build and place item orders? This bug is from my analysis related to some items getting buggy, which makes Hearthlings not really want to place items, and after they decide they are not gonna do that, something loops their AI, so they cannot start thinking again.
What helped me, was promoting Hearthlings, removing ALL orders, placing the Hearthling into a squad and giving him the attack command as close to stockpile as possible, then just crude reloading(and restarting game’s process), and in the end hegot unstuck. Unfortunately game handles starving to death in a way, that sometimes when hearthling is low on health and you reload the game, he will simply die.

Perhaps one more hint on this bug:

I met a situation where two hearthlings took the same object in their backpack and when one of them place the item in the word, the other freeze (-> causing stravation then death).


Well, mine finally died… I had a weird emotional mix of feeling glad and feeling sad. :confused: Hopefully they get this sorted out, it’s a minor bug in looks but in depth it’s pretty bad.

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We can for now prevent this from happening by placing items individually, one-by-one, like not fencing the whole pasture, or furnishing large bedroom areas, etc.

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Hi, I can’t have more than 9 citizens because there is always one of them who stops moving, eating and doing animations.
He also have only the head showing up (like if he had no body). When he sleeps (it is the only things he can do by his self)
and then wake up, the sleeping position keeps playing. I can only make him move with the attack order.
So he can’t eat, so he died.

Here a picture with the only head showing up: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/620723145139204923/A71FFE69F98AF43AB6506A8EAAC815325B3A3102/

Here a picture with the sleeping animation (he is also hunger) : http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/620723145139354694/3826A52D923F32D34993F6DDE3D21A89E2D70D3E/

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I know that it’s not the same bug (your pictures don’t show any fence) but it’s the most similar I found for the moment…

By the way, call me weird but the hearthling of the first picture isn’t the same one as in the second picture… :neutral_face: (unless he received some heavy surgery…)

Did he move any furniture or get stuck on something that was later moved, like this thread suggests, or did he simply starve to death because he didn’t move at all?