Bug: Cleric Promotion Doesn't Promote

During my game, i decided i wanted to promote my Herbalist to a Cleric since harder enemies are spawning and my Warriors will be taking more damage during fights. So i made the Cleric book and promoted my Level 6 Herbalist, when the herbalist picked it up, he wan’t promoted and stayed a Herbalist while consuming the book in the process.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select Level 6 Herbalist.
  2. Promote The Herbalist
  3. Watch as the Herbalist doesn’t get promoted.

Expected Results:
The Herbalist was to be promoted into the Cleric.

Actual Results:
An error code popped up as the Herbalist took the book and stayed the same job.

After realizing the Herbalist wasn’t promoted, I selected that another Cleric book was to be made, after a while he just sat there and never made the new Cleric Book. Only during food time he will move and refreshing the UI will only produce another Error Report.

This is also a fresh new save from the current Stonehearth lastest.

After a game restart, the icon to the herbalist has been changed to the Cleric and the clothing as well., but the job name still hasn’t changed. He moves although after restarting the game. After restarting the game again, the Herbalist now lost her clothing and is just sitting out in the middle of no where.

Update 2-
I promoted the “Cleric” back to Worker but got another Error Report. After restarting the game, the “Cleric” still remains the same Herbalist Job, still somewhat clothe-less and still has the same Icon has the Cleric. Promoting them just breaks the Hearthling more.

Error Report For Promoting Back.

The Error Report that popped up

Version Number and Mods in use:
Stonehearth Develop-2940 (x64) / No mods.

System Information:
Windows 10 Home 54-bit (10.0, Build 10586) | AMD Fx™-8320 Eight-Core Processor | AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

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