Bone axes too powerful

These can now be purchased for like 230 gold from the trappers that sell leathers and such. It has higher attack damage than anything you can make save the longest sword. Seems silly to have it completely overpower all your weapons especially since its very easy to get that much money.


i have to agree. i’ve always thought that the bone axes were to easy to get… you used to be able to get them from traders for like… 2 chairs… didnt know you could buy them from the trappers now, that just makes them even worse imo…

when they were first introduced you could only get them by defeating the goblin chief, which made them hard to get… would be nice to see them become a “goblin exclusive” item again.

sorry if my wording makes no sense, i’m really tired right now…


I have always agreed to this.

When im playing, it like eh, ill just kill Goblin chieftain get his axe and poof, powerful footman.

I agree with this[quote=“8BitCrab, post:2, topic:20339”]
goblin exclusive

Or they are powerful in goblin hand, but hearthling hand they are a mediocre weapon. due to being clumsy with it. As the weapon would be better used by Goblins, cause they made it lol

Edit: I also had a few problems with the weapon system and craft in game. If it was me, i would make a proficiency with weapons, Ie: swords rank 1,2,3 by starting with lowest sword (wood sword) as they go up into rank 1, they would be able to use basic axes or swords and get a lil bit better weapon.

As for the crafting system, I would make it wear u have to use the previous weapons except wood sword to make the next weapon

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I reported a bug with this. Even if it isn’t a real technical bug, it destroyes the gameplay balance.

maybe start with a basic wooden riot stick or club. So later they can specialize weapons, swords, maces, axes spears or even a slingshot/throwing javelins or tomahawks for ranger class preperation etc…
And also bit special effect /damage type for weapons. So the player has to take small decisions instead of auto equip to “best” items and skipping lot of content. ( i personally always skipped bronze and iron armor7weapons, because i had more than enough stuff to level up to steel stuff)
spears could be more effective vs big enemies (poke in their eyes!!!) like zombies. axes good vs entlings, maces vs clumsy rock enemies.