Big (huge?) castle door

Yes! I almost forgot about that :sweat_smile: Default scale for entities in the world is 0.1 I think. Awesome work on the doors, keep it up! :smiley:

About the programs… have you tried StoneVox?


this loooks AMAZING man this looks so good

Hey, a dedicated tool for Stonehearth modders sounds really great! Is this project still alive?
Despite being pc only, I will try it and see what I can do. Tx for the pointer Relyss!


Well, I read that it had Mac / Linux support planned, so maybe in the future… :sweat_smile:
There’s also Voxelshop, but I don’t remember if it could work for Stonehearth files…

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Yep I’ve tried it, but I had some hard time with it on the modeling side… :astonished:
I think I will end with every voxel editor installed!


yeh modeling is a time consuming thing

Modeling is really not the problem here! Still haven’t found a good workflow… The day any soft will run on any platform will be blessed! Well I’m losing too much time for now so perhaps later I’ll give another go.


ok you know ill try to help you as far as my knowledge can help not that it would help a lot

anything new?? on the project

Still on hold because I don’t have the correct workflow. I may return on this once the lakeside city is over.


soow i game to check in after this while is it still on hold?