Beta r862 is here and it's Titanic

now THAT is what I wanted to hear about the “big bad end-game boss”!

It’s the perfect way to culminate the combat-driven story arc of a multi-faceted game like Stonehearth – it’s not about being “overpowered” in one area (e.g. sheer combat power), but having a range of powers across multiple areas and combining them, with a touch of ingenuity, to overcome a boss which would overpower you in any individual area.

Not enough games do that to begin with, and sadly, the town-building/survival sandbox genre has the least examples of satisfying boss fights out of any genre IMO. Most of the time it really is just ankle chopping, or min/maxing a particular area that the boss is weak to.

So I’m excited to see how titans live up to the expectation of a “culminating boss” :merry:


Yes, in that sense I feel like what I mentioned about after “draining” the health bar having to actually fight the titan - it would be cool. There are ways that it could be made in a less ankle-chopping way… or even if it just is a final “burn”/ankle-chopping, there could be things done to make it cooler like all hearthlings fighting (as if on town banner mode) to feel more “desperate last stand”, and the “body” of the titan could somehow become a natural monument/statue on the world - the place where it was defeated.
Things like that :merry:

Not only to satisfy the ankle-chopping desires and see our mighty party fighting to the end but also to make it a bit more personal - the titan itself has come to personally crush you with their hands (tentacles) as a last measure since everything they threw at you failed.


For the first time in Stonehearth, i got a bit stressed. Really cool fight, but as i got through it, i began to understand that i could just kille mobs if i wanted? Before that, i was digging into the mountainsides, getting to the tentacles while runing around on the plains defending against enemy spawns.

When i figured out to turn all hauling jobs off, i had full control and the fight started to easy out, being just a matter of time.

It can surely be improved, but this is soo much better than the orc campaign. Oh and during the titanfight, there where still orcs comming to attack me, wich felt really in line with the story :slight_smile:

All in all:
Goblin campaign 2/10
Orc campaign 4/10
Titan encounter 8/10

Thank you!
:jubilant: :heartpulse:


Maybe the engineer could craft a manned-ballista that can shot expensive and special crafted spear-sized bolts against the Titan. It can only be manned by a high level archer but it must be placed relatively close to the titan - and it would draw the attention of all the monsters, requiring the rest of the military to defend it.

Could be epic :smiley:


I am very much in favor of this.

The stream was the first time I saw the titan fight. I said this in the stream thread before I knew this one existed, so here goes:

Hi, First of all. It’s good that you spend time to make the game better for the titans back a few years ago, so it wouldn’t feel bolted on. Wow this titan fight feels EPIC! It was unlike anything I expected with it being off the map, hanging ominously over your city. And there is the music, the ghost effects, the weather, the camera swipe at the beginning and the broadness of ways in which you can attack it are all things I like about the TItan. Good Job! (Realises this sound overly hyped, hides shamefully in a corner :slight_smile: )

Next, a small suggestion. The stream made me realise that stonehearth needs an ‘Abandon’ button. This is like a ‘clear items’ or ‘loot’ button, but it takes the item out of the AI’s knowledge until it is looted by the ‘Loot’ button. This is for the ‘sword in enemy camp’ situation angelo struggled within the stream. If only angelo could have said to his hearthlings: ‘Don’t even try to get that, it’s not worth it’, then maybe he’d be in a somewhat better place. We’ve had this situation for years, but with the Titan fight, it’s has become so much more urgent! also if there are any ‘I’ve got too many items out in the wildernis and my Hearthlings an’t handle it’-situation, you can just abandon the resources and have the lag go away.’


Template BUGS
I have issues with Templates like walls i made sometimes i cant put them next to eachother and have to turn around the template and resave it as for example wall1 as wall2 when flipped around to make them possible to put next to other templates so there is not like 4 blocks gaps between for example walls and tower and walls and a corner wall

Pretty severe bug with the new builder.
Will show it in my next video

Can see it on this video already at 40 sec in

we really need a way to be able to combine to templates and save them as one template it would save a lot of time when building big things or making walls. I used to make small call and take 3 small walls and then combine them to be one big wall instead but not possible with the new builder

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When creating a new mod in the latest beta it never adds a new mod like it did version before this one. trying to create for more templates. Same for a friend that tried before me also

with this in game

Not possible to drop a template ontop of a road template.

For example make a road build it and make a new building as a lamp post and try to add it on the built road impossible

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Removing a ladder icon is high up in the sky making you think your not trying to remove it


When creating a new mod in the latest beta it never adds a new mod like it did version before this one. trying to create for more templates. Same for a friend that tried before me also

So after you hit the “Create” button, a new mod didn’t show up in your steam uploads list?

why does defered rendering disable ambient occlusion? (or at least uncheck it)

Is this a lower quality setting? should it be enabled?

It was never created at all but it worked today same for my friend it worked for him to today :slight_smile:

@TheRedBaron91 i have no idea but only in Min settings the “Disable Deferred Renderer” is checked

It’ll have a slightly clearer label in the next release, but the current tooltip gives some context. Ticking this box enables a fallback mode to be used for graphics cards that don’t support the minimum requirements for our regular renderer.

You can search the internet for “Forward vs. Deferred Rendering” for more background on this tech.

Question: will there be intermediary stable Beta releases (Beta 1 etc.), or is it just unstable until the Full Release of the game?

Potters Markerstalls seems to work for me but not the standard from carpenter for some reason. Only tried with 1 town tho. Anyone else having market stalls problems with carpenters market stalls?

When I was looking at this a couple releases ago, I noticed that the carpenter’s market stalls were using the old market stall action of calling an NPC, and then while the NPC was around another action would be available to open up a trade with them, but it would just be a basic trader with a few wood/clay/stone for sale and limited coin.

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Clay and wood stalls are identical, except for the model. Stalls may use the old behavior in these situations:

  • In old saves before the behavior change.
  • If created before afternoon on the first day (when the trader campaign starts).
  • When using a mod that overrides the trader campaign and does not implement support for the new behavior.

I’m guessing it must be a mod for me then because i made that town with the latest release.